Our Mission and Vision

The Borison Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of consumers and has represented hundreds of consumers victimized by unfair, abusive and predatory business practices.

We promote justice for consumers by demanding a fair marketplace. We forcefully protect the rights of consumers, especially those of modest means who normally do not have any recourse. We are committed to fighting the frivolous defenses employed by some major corporations to delay and deny justice. Some major corporations not only nickel and dime and take advantage of their customers on a daily basis, they have also attacked the consumer protections that are intended to keep them honest. They have dismantled federal regulations and use these pro-corporation laws to preempt the state consumer protection laws that still remain.

Scott C. Borison, Member

Admitted to Practice:California, Maryland, District of Columbia, United States Circuit Courts for the First, Third, Fourth, Seventh, Ninth, Tenth and Eleventh Circuits and many U.S. District Courts.

Experience: Private practice. Previously, General Counsel to Independent Oil & Gas Exploration and Production Company; Law Clerk to the Hon. Lester A. Reynolds, Chief Judge, Oklahoma Court of Appeals. 

Areas of Practice: Consumer Finance 

Memberships: National Association of Consumer Advocates; Former Member Appellate Judicial Nominating Commission for the State of Maryland. 

Other Information: Served as Class Counsel in state and federal class actions. Consumer Lawyer of the Year by the National Association of Consumer Advocates. Speaker/Faculty Member for Consumer Finance Issues, Class Action Issues and Bankruptcy Issues locally and nationally. 


  • Automobile Issues
  • Automobile Repossession
  • Car Loans
  • Arbitration
  • Home Mortgages
  • Bank Issues
  • Loans
  • After Bankruptcy
  • Debt Collection
  • Credit Report Issues
  • Annoying Phone Calls


Debt Collection.

If you are being harassed, we can help.

Debt Buyers

Been sued by someone you never heard of? They are most likely a debt buyer. We have successfully sued lots of debt buyers!

We have sued debt buyers many times. We are very familiar with their ways and can you help you if you have been sued by a debt buyer. The major debt buyers include Midland Finding, LVNV Funding.

Endless Calls to Your Cell Phone?

There are protections against those endless calls you get on your cell phone.


Know Your RIGHTS

There are both state and federal laws that protect consumers. They are often complex and you may need help asserting those rights.

We have been practicing law for over 30 years each. We have represented individuals and classes of consumers against major banks, debt buyers and many others.

We have represented thousands of consumers

We have saved consumers millions of dollars